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No. Title Author Date
282 Facilitating Bilateral Investments between India and Germany: The Role of Negotiations and Reforms by Tanu M. Goyal, Ramneet Goswami and Tincy Sara Solomon July 2014
281 Trade and Investment Barriers affecting International Production Networks in India by Anwarul Hoda and Durgesh Kumar Rai July 2014
280 India-Korea CEPA: Harnessing the Potential in Services by Nisha Taneja, Neetika Kaushal Nagpal and Saon Ray July 2014
279 Salient Features of Measuring, Interpreting and Addressing Indian Inflation by Kirti Gupta and Fahad Siddiqui July 2014
278 The Economic Impacts of Temperature on Industrial Productivity: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing by Anant Sudarshan and Meenu Tewari July 2014
277 Joining the Supply Chain: A Firm-Level Perspective from Southeast Asia by Ganeshan Wignaraja June 2014
276 El Niño and Indian Droughts- A Scoping Exercise by Shweta Saini and Ashok Gulati June 2014
275 India-Pakistan Trade: An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Sector by Manoj Pant and Devyani Pande June 2014
274 Enhancing India-Pakistan Economic Cooperation: Prospects for Indian Investment in Pakistan by Palakh Jain and Samridhi Bimal May 2014
273 Securities Transaction Tax-Case study of India by Neha Malik April 2014
272 Impact of Transaction Taxes on
Commodity Derivatives Trading in India
by Saon Ray, Neha Malik March 2014
271 Feedstock for the Petrochemical Industry by Saon Ray, Amrita Goldar, Swati Saluja February 2014
270 Using IPRs to Protect Niches?
Evidence from the Indian Textile and Apparel Industry
by Suparna Karmakar,
Meenu Tewari,
January 2014
269 Monsoon 2013: Estimating the Impact on Agriculture by Ashok Gulati,
Shweta Saini,
Surbhi Jain
December 2013
268 Remoteness and Unbalanced Growth: Understanding Divergence Across Indian Districts by Samarjit Das, Chetan Ghate and Peter E. Robertson
September 2013
267 Normalizing India Pakistan Trade by Nisha Taneja, Mishita Mehra, Prithvijit Mukherjee, Samridhi Bimal and Isha Dayal
September 2013
266 Recession and child labor: A theoretical analysis by Sahana Roy Chowdhury
April 2013
265 Impact of Macro-economic Environment on Diversification-performance Relationship: A Cross Country Study of India and Japan by Saptarshi Purkayastha
March 2013
264 Factor Income Taxation, Growth, and Investment Specific Technological Change by Monisankar Bishnu, Chetan Ghate and Pawan Gopalakrishnan
March 2013
263 India's Role in Facilitating Trade under SAFTA by Nisha Taneja, Shravani Prakash and Pallavi Kalita
January 2013
262 Sectoral Infrastructure Investment in an Unbalanced Growing Economy: The Case of India by Chetan Ghate, Gerhard Glomm and Jialu Liu
November 2012
261 Why was the participation of Indian states in the Growth Turnaround so patchy? Some evidence based on robustness analysis Chetan Ghate and Stephen Wright
October 2012
260 Has India Emerged? Business Cycle Stylized Facts from a Transitioning Economy Chetan Ghate
Radhika Pandey
Ila Patnaik
June 2012
259 An Assessment of Inflation Modelling in India B. Karan Singh

April 2012
258 Toward a Framework for Implementation ofClimate Change Treaty through Self-enforcing Mechanisms Meeta Keswani Mehra
Saptarshi Mukherjee
Monica Dutta
January 2012
257 India’s Experience in Navigating the Trilemma: Do Capital Controls Help? R. Kohli June 2011
256 Monetary Policy and Credit Demand in India and Some EMEs B L Pandit
Pankaj Vashisht
May 2011
255 Enhancing Intra-SAARC Trade:Pruning India’s Sensitive List under SAFTA Nisha Taneja
Saon Ray
Neetika Kaushal
Devjit Roy Chowdhury
April 2011
254 Financial Transactions Taxes Parthasarathi Shome April 2011
253 Indian Economy: Selected Methodological Advances Mathew Joseph
Karan Singh
Ranjan Kumar Dash
Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya
Ritika Tewari
February 2011
252 Healthcare Delivery and Stakeholder's Satisfaction under Social Health Insurance Schemes in India: An Evaluation of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) Sukumar Vellakkal
Shikha Juyal
Ali Mehdi
December 2010
251 Addressing New Service Sectors in WTO/FTAs: Express Delivery and India Arpita Mukherjee
Parthapratim Pal
Ramneet Goswami
August 2010
250 Sports Retailing in India: Opportunities, Constraints and Way Forward Arpita Mukherjee
Ramneet Goswami
Tanu M Goyal
Divya Satija
June 2010
249 The Service Sector as India’s Road to Economic Growth? Barry Eichengreen
Poonam Gupta
April 2010
248 OTC Derivatives Market in India: Recent Regulatory Initiatives and Open Issues for Market Stability and Development Dayanand Arora
Francis Xavier Rathinam
April 2010
247 Drivers of Academic Research and Patenting in India: Econometric Estimation of the Research Production Function Amit Shovon Ray Sabyasachi Saha April 2010
246 Socio-Economic Impact of Mobile Phones on Indian Agriculture Surabhi Mittal
Sanjay Gandhi Gaurav Tripathi
February 2010
245 India-Japan Investment Relations: Trends & Prospects Geethanjali Nataraj January 2010
244 PATENTING PUBLIC-FUNDED RESEARCH FOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: A Conceptual-Empirical Synthesis of US Evidence and Lessons for India Amit Shovon Ray Sabyasachi Saha January 2010
243 Japan’s Foreign Direct Investment Experiences in India: Lessons Learnt from Firm Level Surveys Srabani Roy Choudhury December 2009
242 India-Korea Trade and Investment Relations Pravakar Sahoo Durgesh Kumar Rai Rajiv Kumar December 2009
241 The State of the Indian Economy 2009-10 Mathew Joseph
Karan Singh
Pankaj Vashisht
Dony Alex
Alamuru Soumya
Ritika Tewari
Ritwik Banerjee
October 2009
240 Food Security in South Asia: Issues and Opportunities Surabhi Mittal
Deepti Sethi
September 2009
239 Aggregate Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing: An Application of Domar Aggregation Deb Kusum Das Gunajit Kalita July 2009
238 South-South FDI vs North-South FDI:A Comparative Analysis in the Context of India Subhasis Bera
Shikha Gupta
July 2009
237 Do Labor Intensive Industries Generate Employment? Evidence from firm level survey in India Deb Kusum Das
Gunajit Kalita
June 2009
236 The Employment Potential of Labor Intensive Industries in India’s Organized Manufacturing Deb Kusum Das
Deepika Wadhwa
Gunajit Kalita
June 2009
235 The Two Waves of Service- Sector Growth Barry Eichengreen Poonam Gupta May 2009
234 Indian Economic Outlook 2008-09 and 2009-10 Rajiv Kumar
Mathew Joseph
Dony Alex
Pankaj Vashisht
Debosree Banerjee
March 2009
233 Adverse Selection and Private Health Insurance Coverage in India : A Rational Behaviour Model of Insurance Agents under Asymmetric Information Sukumar Vellakkal February 2009
232 India in the Global and Regional Trade: Determinants of Aggregate and Bilateral Trade Flows and Firms’ Decision to Export T.N. Srinivasan
Vani Archana
February 2009
231 Trade in Energy Services: GATS and India Arpita Mukherjee Ramneet Goswami January 2009
230 The Missing Middle Anne O. Krueger January 2009
229 What Can Be Learned About the Economies of China and India from Purchasing Power Comparisons? Alan Heston December 2008
228 The Cost Competitiveness of Manufacturing in China and India: An Industry and Regional Perspective Bart Van ArkAbdul Azeez Erumban Vivian Chen
Utsav Kumar
December 2008
227 Emerging through Technological Capability: An Overview of India’s Technological Trajectory Amit Shovon Ray November 2008
226 The Chinese Export Bundles: Patterns, Puzzles and Possible Explanations Zhi Wang
Shang-Jin Wei
November 2008
225 India's Macroeconomic Performance and Policies since 2000 Shankar Acharya October 2008
224 Deconstructing China's and India's Growth: the Role of Financial Policies Jahangir Aziz October 2008
223 Pollution Across Chinese Provinces Catherine Yap Co Fanying Kong Shuanglin Lin September 2008
222 Impact of Organized Retailing on the Unorganized Sector Mathew Joseph Nirupama Soundararajan Manisha Gupta Sanghamitra Sahu September 2008
221 China and India: A Tale of Two Trade Integration Approaches Przemyslaw Kowalski August 2008
220 Trading with Asias Giants Barry Bosworth
Susan M. Collins
Aaron Flaaen
August 2008
219 Informal Values and Formal Policies: A study of Japanese Technology Policy and Significance for India Saradindu Bhaduri
Janashruti Chandra
July 2008
218 Regional Economic Integration and FDI in South Asia : Prospects and Problems Aradhna Aggarwal July 2008
217 Development Strategy for the Hill Districts of Uttarakhand Surabhi Mittal
Gaurav Tripathi
Deepti Sethi
July 2008
216 Impact of Proposed Commodity Transaction Tax on Futures Trading in India Pravakar Sahoo
Rajiv Kumar
July 2008
215 Index of Financial Inclusion Mandira Sarma June 2008
214 Measuring Sustainability with Macroeconomic Data for India Purnamita Dasgupta Shikha Gupta May 2008
213 Deepening Intraregional Trade and Investment in South Asia Meenu Tewari April 2008
212 Changing Paradigm of Indo-Japan Relations: Opportunities and Challenges P G Rajamohan
Dil Bahadur Rahut
Jabin T Jacob
April 2008
211 What Constrains Indian Manufacturing? Poonam Gupta Poonam Gupta
Rana Hasan
Utsav Kumar
March 2008
210 An Open Services Regime Recipe for Jobless Growth? Suparna Karmakar March 2008
209 Demand-Supply Trends and Projections of Food in India Surabhi Mittal March 2008
208 Feasibility of an Asian Currency Unit Abhijit Sen Gupta
Amitendu Palit
March 2008
207 Mineral Policy Issues in the Context of Export and Domestic Use of Iron Ore in India A. S. Firoz March 2008
206 Cost of Holding Excess Reserves: The Indian Experience Abhijit Sen Gupta March 2008
205 Rural Nonfarm Employment and Incomes in the Himalayas Maja Micevska Dil Bahadur Rahut February 2008
204 Competition Clauses in Bilateral Trade Treaties: Analysing the Issues in the Context of India’s Future Negotiating Strategy Sanghamitra Sahu Neha Gupta February 2008
203 Towards A Competitive Manufacturing Sector Rajiv Kumar Abhijit Sen Gupta February 2008
202 South Asian Integration Prospects and Lessons from East Asia Ramesh Chandra
Rajiv Kumar
January 2008
201 Determinants of Competitiveness of the Indian Auto Industry Badri Narayanan G. Pankaj Vashisht January 2008
200 India Pakistan Trade Possibilities and Non-tariff Barriers Nisha Taneja October 2007
198 Impact of Preventive Health Care on Indian Industry and Economy Alka Chadha
Ali Mehdi
Garima Malik
September 2007
197 Can Horticulture be a Success Story for India? Surabhi Mittal August 2007
196 Capital Adequacy Regime in India: An Overview Mandira Sarma
Yuko Nikaido
July 2007
195 OECD Agricultural Trade Reforms Impact on India's Prices and Producers Welfare Surabhi Mittal July 2007
194 Impact of Special Economic Zones on Employment, Poverty and Human Development Aradhna Aggarwal May 2007
193 Technological Capability as a Determinant of FDI Inflows: Evidence from Developing Asia & India Amitendu Palit April 2007
192 Indo-U.S. FTA: Prospects for Audiovisual Services Arpita Mukherjee
Paramita Deb Gupta
Prerna Ahuja
February 2007
191 Does Capital Account Openness Lower Inflation? Abhijit Sen Gupta January 2007

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